• ShipShape supplies the ultimate in care free yachting with a smile.
  • ShipShape Services include everything required to have your boat maintained in top condition and ready to go any time.
  • Absent owners can also relax knowing that ShipShape is looking after your boat's security.
  • ShipShape will have your boat ready for you to step aboard and head off around Tasmania's magnificent cruising grounds at a moment's notice.

What We Do

  • Internal and exterior cleaning
  • Polishing and maintenance
  • Provedore service
  • Gourmet and local produce on request
  • Vessel fueling
  • Expert local knowledge of Tasmania
  • Help about where to cruise
  • Details of local weather conditions

We Also Arrange

  • Sail repairs
  • Engine servicing and repairs
  • Rigging
  • Deliveries
  • Electronics
  • Navigation Services
  • Mooring
  • Storage

Contact Us

PO BOX 834
Sandy Bay
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ShipShape – Professional Boat Services, Hobart

ShipShape offers boat owners the ultimate in care free yachting with a smile. By offering the best professional boat services in Hobart, Tasmania, ShipShape allows boat owners to experience all the benefits of boat ownership, with none of the hassle. By understanding what boat owners need, ShipShape, Hobart offers all the services that boat owners need. The professional boat services offered by ShipShape, Hobart, include but are not limited to: interior and exterior cleaning, polishing and maintenance, provedore service, vessel fuelling and details of local weather conditions.

As well as directly providing professional boat services to boat owners, ShipShape, Hobart, also offers boat owners the opportunity to allow ShipShape to source other boat services that they require from local service providers. ShipShape, Hobart, can arrange many professionalboat services for boat owners in the Hobart area. These services that we can arrange vary from engine servicing and repairs to mooring facilities. As a boat owner you no doubt appreciate the importance of keeping your boat “ship shape” and here at ShipShape Hobart we are here to help you every step of the way.

Professional Boat services in Hobart

ShipShape, Hobart, ensures that, with our professional boat services, that owning a boat in Hobart is always a pleasure and never a chore! Boat services are vital not only to ensure that your boat is always looking its best; but also to guarantee that your boat lasts for a lifetime. Regular maintenance and upkeep can save boat owners considerable money in the long run. Servicing a boat can be hard work, which is why ShipShape, Hobart, are with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the boat services you require, when you need them.

What professional boat services do ShipShape, Hobart, provide?

ShipShape, Hobart provide wide ranging professional boat services, provided by both the ShipShape team or, if we cannot assist, then we will completely manage and source the boat services that you require.

The boat services that ShipShape, Hobart specifically provide are: Internal and exterior cleaning, polishing and maintenance, provedore service, gourmet and local produce on request, vessel fuelling, expert local knowledge of Tasmania, help about where to cruise and details of local weather conditions.

All of these boat services can be vitally important in ensuring the enjoyment that boat owners receive. ShipShape know how enjoyable boat ownership can be; and it is for this reason that we aim to provide the best professional boat services to our clients that are second to none. If you feel you require a boat service that is not mentioned on this page, then please get in touch and we will do our absolute best to assist you. ShipShape are here to help you whatever your boat servicing needs!